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A Day in the Life of Steve Allan: Unraveling the World of Sports Physiotherapy at West Coast Eagles FC

In this blog post, we will dive into the fascinating world of Sports Physiotherapy with Steve Allan, who works with the West Coast Eagles Football Club. Join us as we explore a typical day in Steve’s life, his Sports Physiotherapy Strategies Trust for working with athletes, and his insights on building trust and rapport. Additionally, we’ll touch upon the impact of AI in sports and the ethical considerations surrounding its integration. Let’s get started!

Steve has recently finished working with Hockey Australia’s women’s team during an Olympic campaign. He has also worked at Melbourne FC for 5 seasons and currently runs workshops at the West Coast Health & Performance Clinic. Steve’s Sports Physiotherapy Strategies Trust play a crucial role in his approach to athlete care, ensuring they receive the best possible treatment and support. Through years of experience, Steve has honed his Sports Physiotherapy Strategies Trust to optimize performance and recovery in elite athletes.

Highlights from the episode:

  • What does a physio’s schedule look like in his time on West Coast
  • How often an athlete should try something new before deciding to include it in the training 
  • Strategies when working with an athlete for the first time
  • How often does he work out with the athlete when he does rehab work
  • His favorite TV series/movie as a physio
  • Upcoming Athletic Hip and Groin Workshop this December 4 – 5, 2021

People mentioned:

  • Chris Perkin
  • Ben Raysmith
  • Dave Misson
  • Joel aims
  • Sam Peach
  • Dave Valey
  • Daniel cross
  • Steve Gravina
  • Paul Roos

Connect with Steve:

The Athletic Hip and Groin Workshop:

A Day in the Life of a Sports Physiotherapist

Steve Allan’s role as a sports physiotherapist at West Coast Eagles FC is dynamic and demanding. A typical day begins with assisting players in the reserves, who will play at East Perth over the weekend. Afterward, he hands over his responsibilities to the Eagles’ medical staff, providing them with essential insights and information on player injuries. On Monday, he collaborates with doctors and physios to assess the players’ injuries and recovery progress.

Strategies for Athlete Development

In his extensive experience, Steve has valuable advice for aspiring athletes and development programs. He suggests trying new strategies one at a time to understand their impact effectively. This prevents confusion and allows athletes to pinpoint which techniques work best for them. Steve emphasizes the importance of listening to one’s gut feeling while reflecting on experiences and making informed decisions.

Building Rapport and Trust with Athletes

Establishing a strong relationship with athletes is crucial for effective sports physiotherapy. Steve advocates leading by example and demonstrating exercises that he can do well. This approach fosters trust and respect from the athletes, knowing that their physiotherapist is not afraid of hard work. Additionally, Steve occasionally participates in training sessions with the athletes, building camaraderie and mutual understanding.

AI’s Impact on Sports and Physiotherapy

As the world embraces artificial intelligence, its presence in the realm of sports is becoming more pronounced. AI-driven analytics help teams optimize strategies, identify player strengths and weaknesses, and make data-driven decisions. In physiotherapy, AI can aid in injury diagnosis, personalized rehabilitation plans, and performance analysis. However, its integration raises concerns about privacy, data security, and the ethical use of AI technology in sports.

Ethical Considerations in Sports Physiotherapy

Sports physiotherapists, like Steve Allan, face ethical dilemmas in their daily practices. Balancing the pursuit of optimal performance with the athletes’ long-term health and well-being requires careful consideration. Adherence to privacy and confidentiality, informed consent, and transparent decision-making are essential in maintaining ethical standards in sports physiotherapy.


Steve Allan’s journey as a sports physiotherapist at West Coast Eagles FC offers valuable insights into the world of sports rehabilitation and athlete development. From collaborating with medical staff to building rapport with athletes, his dedication to enhancing performance while prioritizing player welfare is commendable. As AI continues to evolve, it presents exciting opportunities and challenges in the sports industry, pushing us to consider the ethical implications of its integration.

In this dynamic field, Steve’s passion for his profession and commitment to the athletes’ success shines through. As we continue to advance technologically and ethically, sports physiotherapists like Steve play an integral role in optimizing athlete performance and well-being. The integration of AI in sports is an ongoing journey, demanding collective efforts from professionals, researchers, and policymakers to ensure its responsible use.

In conclusion, Steve Allan’s impactful work at West Coast Eagles FC exemplifies the significance of sports physiotherapy in the modern era of competitive sports. As technology continues to evolve, embracing AI responsibly and upholding ethical standards will be critical in maximizing the potential of sports physiotherapy while safeguarding athletes’ health and integrity.

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