Personalised training programs include:


Boost your training and take your lifestyle to an elite level. We’ll help you reach your potential with AFL standard strength and conditioning, lifestyle advice, stress management tactics and rehabilitation.


Personalised training programs include:

"Absolute legend who is one of the most caring trainers i've come across. He's an excellent trainer who goes above and beyond for his athletes. Also very passionate and knowledgeable which ensures time spent with Jack is always fun and exciting."

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Dylan Moore

"All round ripping guy, who is an expert when it comes to all things strength and conditioning. Knows how to get the best out of his athletes!"

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Finn Maginness

"Professional and dedicated. Always willing to get the best out of his athletes."

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CJ Jiath

"Jack is very knowledgable and enthusiastic when it come the strength and conditioning field. He is willing to listen and is across all different sorts of training techniques. He can use this knowledge to provide personalised advice to each athlete that will help them get the best out of themselves. Above all of this, Jack is a caring and great guy who is a pleasure to work with."

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Harry Jones

"Ripper bloke! he really helped me get the best out of my self. Very knowledgeable and a great communicator. Overall he knows how to get the best out of his athletes!"

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Emerson Jeka

"Highly skilled, caring and passionate. All round great bloke!"

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Jacob Koschitzke

"Really caring, great person, and well educated in both strength and conditioning."

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Will Golds

"Jack has a wealth of knowledge around strength and conditioning which I was lucky enough to use and improve myself with. From aerobic, strength, functional movement and biomechanics training he also was great at checking in mentally and knowing where I was at, as an athlete. I made significant improvements with my time working with Jack whilst also enjoying the training. I would recommend him to anyone, no matter what the goals as he has the knowledge and adaptability to work with the client to reach there goals."

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Luke Meadows

"I worked with Jack as an Athlete of Hawthorn and Box Hill Football Clubs. Jack is dedicated to his passion of health and fitness and elite athlete high performance. He practices what he preaches, lives and breathes the lifestyle and therefore had my trust. He made the gym a fun and enjoyable place to be around with his easy going nature being able to enjoy a joke but also with his attention to detail being able to guide and assist you with certain exercises and lifts. Furthermore to his experience and knowledge of high performance, Jack was someone that I could confide in because he has the ability to build strong relationships with his athletes/clients. He wants to learn from his clients just as much as what they want to learn from him. He was willing to go the extra mile with his athletes and I often did a lot of extra work such as boxing, wrestling, body positioning work with Jack."

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David Mirra

"Jack’s understanding and knowledge of conditioning and strength is of upmost quality and is shared in an understanding and motivating manner. His in and out knowledge of what is required to be elite in football is what defines him from others, as he has the capacity to transform a player into quickly realising and achieving their potential."

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Charlie Nairn

"Jack’s meticulous approach leaves you with no doubt that you have prepared the best you can and gives you the confidence to perform at the best of your ability."

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Tom Small

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