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Set the clock for 4 weeks and follow our training method. 


We are AFL experienced strength & conditioning coaches, our passion is to empower footballers with high performance preparation! 


Our program is everything you need to get better at: 







Personal training

An hour of one-on-one or private small group training sessions with one of our AFL coaches

Online coaching Programs

Remote programs designed to suit your playing position, goal, age and gender. This Strength and Conditioning program will take your game to the next level

Individualised coaching package

This is our premium Strength and Conditioning program. You will work closely with a coach who will help you every step of the way to consistent high performance

Football Clubs & schools

We provide your football clubs/schools with weekly age and gender specific Strength and Conditioning programs. Our S&C coaches oversee the program and adjust it to fit the clubs needs. They are also available for on site technique training.


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Our physical preparation methods help athletes at all levels to better understand their bodies, manage training loads and avoid chronic injury so that they can maximise performance and prolong their playing careers.



Tailored Athletic Development

Finding the right program that suits you is paramount to achieving your goals. Using the Teambuildr app, each program is tailored to meet your schedule, abilities and unique fitness needs.


All of our coaches have real-life and industry experience at an elite level. Our coaches are personable and make training enjoyable. At Prepare Like A Pro, coaching isn’t just a job, it’s our passion.

Experienced & Knowledgeable Coaches


lifestyle habits

Our programs are not just physical, but encompass your lifestyle habits with a Get Better Plan that includes nutrition, sleep and stress. Furthermore, participants can connect with other developing footballers, feel supported by their coaches and improve their ability to perform.

our coaching team

Quick start guide

to take your game to the next level!


5 quick tips

tips 1: Fuel your body

  • Eat more real food ie food that comes from the ground, tree or an animal.
  • Increase your carbohydrates on your hard conditioning days!
  • Eat the foods you want. Don’t substitute your personality for a diet.

tip 2: your mental health matters

Cut out the noise, minimise stress to make space for the things that matter.
  • Yoga in the mornings 🧘️
  • Optimise your sleep 😴️
  • Disable notifications on your phone 🙅‍♂️️📲️

tip 3: Recovery takes time  

  • Accelerating recovery/adaptation is largely a myth 
  • Yes you can improve the bodies ability to recovery however majority of the time the basics work. 
  • They are, time, sleep, nutrition and movement. 

tip 4: participate in our group online coaching sessions

  • During these sessions Jack and the coaches present on certain topics to help develop our athletes training & lifestyle habits  
  • Important to ask questions as this develops curiosity and a thirst to get better which is paramount for a high performer📈️.

tip 5: Subscribe

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