The perfect fit for everybody from serious athletes to those just looking to move a bit more. We help you set targets, find training that you love, and build those habits that will bring you the results you want.


Prewpare like a pro Andrew Moore


‘Professional, dedicated and inspiring are just a few words that come to mind when talking about Jack. Jack pushed me to hit peak performance week in, week out during our time at Box Hill FC. Could not recommend him more highly.’
Prewpare like a pro James Worpel

James Worpel

‘Knows his stuff, very passionate, perfect trainer.’

Preparelike a Pro Jaiden Hunterpg


‘Jack is very professional and organised. His program helped in the lead-up to some state football matches and was definitely beneficial. His knowledge of strength training and his program made the process enjoyable.’

Prepare like a pro Corey Preston


‘Jack helped me prepare for the NAB AFL combine and this bloke did a ripping job afar from a screen. Despite not being able to meet up and train, it felt like I was training with him face to face. Highly recommended for the development of your footy, but also how to prepare, recover and go again. I suffered a late injury last week, but he was able to help me push through the combine with techniques on how to prepare and ways to recover. You’d be spewing if ya didn’t give this a crack.’

Prepare like a pro Liam COlar


‘Jack is very dedicated and professional in his work and training programs. He provides great preparation to upcoming events, for myself it was the NAB AFL draft combine and directs the program toward you as an athlete. He is a good communicator and gets the best out of his athletes. On top of that, he is a great person, very skilled and knowledgeable in his field.’

Coaching for Rehabilitation

The perfect fit for everybody from serious athletes to those just looking to move a bit more. We help you set targets, find training that you love and build those habits that will bring you the results you want.


Prepare like a pro Mitchell Lewis 1

Mitchell Lewis

‘Jack is one of the most committed and selfless individuals I have come across in the AFL system. At the drop of a hat, he would assist in my rehab and training at the highest level. He would seriously do anything for his athletes and all with a smile on his face. I really value the impact he has had on me personally, particularly during my shoulder rehab.’

Prepare like a pro Ned Reeves 1

Ned Reeves

‘Jack has helped me with my physical development over the last 3 years. Jack has helped me in a range of areas, from running technique, to fitness, to strength, to injury prevention and rehab. Jack has always been very enthusiastic and it is obvious tat he is very knowledgeable in this area. He has also worked with me 1 on 1, externally from the club during off season. I’ve noticed that my overall fitness has improved dramatically and I believe Jack has played a big factor in this.’

Personal Training

Prepare like a pro Anne Von osterhausen 1

Anne Von osterhausen

‘I trained with Jack for several years – first in his Bootcamp and later personal training sessions. He prepared me for triathlons, trail runs and my first marathon at Mount Everest Base Camp in Nepal. Jack is extremely competent and I was always amazed at how well he knew my limits (or knew how I could surpass them) and potential, and how he could adjust my training program on the day according to needs or injuries. I got stronger than ever with Jack – especially my core strength and lower body, which I needed for the running. I have learned a huge amount about strength and mobility from him. I stopped training with Jack when I moved overseas. I can highly recommend training with Jack, he will bring out the best in you!’

Prepare ike a pro Cam Mann

Cam Mann

‘Jack came recommended to me and I anticipated that I’d be with him for a few months just to learn some basics. I ended up being trained by him for 2 years. He kept showing me the next level I could get to and how to get there. We went from learning a basic squat to Olympic lifting and I haven’t looked back. He is encouraging and listens to what you want, then explains it in a way even I could understand.’