My name is Jack McLean and I’m the founder of Prepare Like a Pro. I have worked in the fitness industry for my entire career. I love helping people towards high performance and enjoying the journey. In my foray into the fitness industry began in high school when I worked as a swimming teacher for adults.  After finishing school,  I completed my personal training certificate with the Australian Institute of Personal Trainers. As soon as I started working, I felt inspired by the motivation of my clients as they strived to learn and improve themselves.

As a young adult, I played football at the Caulfield Grammarians and oversaw the team’s pre-season program. I enjoyed coaching athletes to become better performers for their sport while reducing the likelihood of injury.

As my career progressed, I became interested in competitive Crossfit. Crossfit is a physically demanding sport from which I learned not just how far I could push myself but also developed gymnastics and Olympic weightlifting skills.  Most importantly Crossfit taught me how to listen to my body and value a well-balanced strength and conditioning program.

For five years, I combined my interest in sports science with my passion for football and had the great opportunity to work for the Hawthorn and Melbourne Football Club.

I’m currently working at the Melbourne Football Club in the strength & conditioning department.

All aspects of my professional experience have fed into the creation of Prepare Like a Pro. My approach to athletic performance encompasses quality training, mindset, sleep, recovery, and nutrition.



Football Strength & Conditioning Training

Develop your gym lifting and running technique to help with your athleticism and reduce the likelihood of injuries.

Elite Lifestyle Consulting

Develop your eating, mindset, and recovery habits through private zoom or face-to-face consultations with Jack.

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