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Nathan Parnham, Head of Performance Development at Brisbane Grammar School, exemplifies proactive networking and rich mentorship in sports development. This exploration delves into Nathan Parnham’s Sports Insights experiences, from seeking industry insights to influential figures shaping his career. His commitment to growth, central to his latest book addressing parental concerns, dispelling myths, and empowering athletes, unfolds through his career pages. Nathan Parnham’s Sports Insights is the author of The Sporting Parent and director of strength & conditioning at Brisbane Grammar School. Nathan Parnham’s Sports Insights draws on close to two decades of experience in the athlete development space in both the amateur and professional ranks to provide you with the key insights and knowledge you need to help your sporting child, the right way.

Highlights from the episode:

  • Nathan’s strength & conditioning journey from the start to now
  • His learnings from working alongside Darren Burgess
  • Why he decided to be an author and the challenge of writing his book The Sporting Parent
  • The program and staff at Brighton Grammar School and what sets it apart from other schools
  • Lots of tips and tricks for developing athletes, and staff looking to reach the elite level
  • The same 5 questions he receives from most developing athletes’ parents go into detail about supplements, stunting growth from weight training, body image issues, how much is too much
  • For further information on Nathan’s book jump over to which is sure to change the youth sporting landscape throughout the country.

Networking for Success Unlocking Opportunities

Nathan Parnham’s journey began with a profound realization – the importance of networking. In the competitive sports world, valuable experience often relies on connections. Parnham shares early experiences approaching professionals like Darren, showcasing a relentless pursuit of learning. Proactive networking opened doors and set the stage for his future. Aspiring enthusiasts can draw inspiration from this key lesson – taking initiative in building industry relationships.

The Tapestry of Mentorship Pivotal Figures

Mentorship is a recurring theme in Parnham’s narrative. Diverse influences shaped his career, with Lucky Wilmot standing out, leaving an indelible mark. This underscores the transformative power of mentorship, urging individuals to seek guidance. Parnham’s journey is a testament to the impact mentors have on personal and professional growth, highlighting the importance of mentor-mentee relationships in sports.

Authorship Unveiled Answering Common Questions

After 17 years, Parnham took on the role of an author driven by recurring questions. His book serves as a comprehensive resource, addressing concerns like training for children, supplement use, and debunking myths around resistance training. This section explores Parnham’s motivations, providing a valuable resource for those navigating sports development.

Balancing Act Unique Approach at Brisbane Grammar School

In his role at Brisbane Grammar School, Parnham sheds light on the unique approach of integrating performance development into the academic day. This model aims to balance academic success and athletic development, challenging the conventional separation of these spheres. Parnham’s insights offer a glimpse into the future of sports development in educational institutions, emphasizing holistic growth for students.


Nathan Parnham’s journey weaves networking, mentorship, and addressing questions in sports development. His story inspires those navigating sports, urging them to embrace opportunities, seek mentorship, and contribute to the knowledge pool. Parnham’s insights resonate as a beacon for fostering growth in sports. From relentless networking to impactful mentorship and authorship, his path illuminates possibilities within one’s grasp, fueled by a dedication to empowering athletes and fostering holistic development.

People mentioned:

  • Darren Burgess
  • Brett Bartholomew
  • Adam Waterson
  • Lachlan Wilmot
  • Simon Harry
  • Elliot Taylor
  • Adam Block
  • Grant Cole
  • Jordan Manning
  • Rhett Cope
  • Cat Pace

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