Episode 120 – ​​Sean Baker

Sport and Fitness Coaches

Sean Baker’s Expert Advice for Sport and Fitness Coaches

Starting a business in the sport and fitness industry can be a rewarding endeavor, but it comes with its unique set of challenges. Sport and Fitness Coaches like Sean Baker, the visionary founder of Peaq Performance Center, share invaluable advice for coaches venturing into this dynamic field. Sean is a strength and conditioning coach who has over a decade in the industry. He holds a master’s degree and Level 2 ASCA Accreditation, has worked with Elite, Semi-Elite and GrassRoots Athletes and Australian Rules Football has been his primary sport.

Highlights of the episode:

  • Advice for running a PT business and renting a gym
  • Highlights of his career
  • How he learned to run a fitness facility
  • Favorite quote or life motto

Embracing Diversity in Clientele

One of the first lessons Sean imparts is the importance of being open to training a diverse range of clients. From professional athletes to individuals with various fitness goals, catering to different needs fosters a thriving and inclusive community.

Pivotal Moments: The Sample Premiership

Sean fondly reminisces about a pivotal moment in his career – the sample premiership with the West Adelaide footy club. This achievement not only solidified his reputation in the industry but also served as a catalyst for further success.

Learning the Business Side

Navigating the intricacies of running a fitness facility demands a multifaceted approach. Sean suggests a blend of methods, including learning through experience, seeking advice from seasoned mentors, staying updated with industry podcasts, and expanding professional networks.

Sean Baker’s Life Motto: “Pain is Temporary, Glory is Forever”

For Sean, this motivational mantra encapsulates the essence of his journey. It embodies the belief in persisting through challenges and trusting the process to achieve enduring success in the sport and fitness realm.

Sean Baker’s insights provide a roadmap for coaches aspiring to make their mark in the sport and fitness industry. By embracing diversity, learning the business ropes, and holding onto a resilient mindset, success becomes an attainable goal. As Sean often says, “Pain is temporary, glory is forever” – a reminder that every obstacle is a stepping stone towards lasting achievement.

People Mentioned: 

  • Lachlan Wilmot
  • Christian Woodford
  • Tim Schleiger
  • Durham McInnis
  • Chris Perkin
  • Nick Poulos
  • Jason Porplyzia
  • Tex Wanganeen
  • Dean Bailey
  • Danny Kruger
  • Trent Burgoyne
  • Will Snelling 
  • Brett Johns
  • Adrian Setry
  • Ian Mckeown
  • Nick Richardson

Connect with Sean:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/s.c.baker/

PEAQ Website: https://www.peaq.com.au/

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