RAAF Sport Science Manager

The importance of personal development & communication skills in the workplace

As the RAAF Sport Science Manager, getting fired was a tough but transformative experience. It made me realize the significance of self-reflection, self-improvement, and personal development in both my professional and personal life.

Highlights from the episode:

  • His advice for people who don’t upskill themselves and stay in their comfort zone
  • Performance facilities and tech they use in defense
  • What their periodized annual plan looks like
  • How they do rehab in defense
  • Fit For Life philosophy and injury mitigation

Seeking organizations that value continuous growth led me to the RAAF, renowned for its commitment to human performance through sport science programs. Aspired to become the RAAF Sport Science Manager due to this commitment.

RAAF’s sport science programs aim to enhance physical and mental performance. They offer tailored training plans, assessments, and access to top-notch facilities and technology.

Their Human Performance and Safety, Human Performance Optimization programs offer services like strength and conditioning, injury prevention, and nutrition advice. They utilize performance tech like motion capture and force plates to analyze movements and measure physical performance.

RAAF is exploring agile periodization in annual planning to accommodate training around occupational tasks.

Rehabilitation support is available through Joint Health Command. Understanding the occupation is crucial for a smooth return to work after injuries from training or tasks.

RAAF’s “Fit for Life” philosophy focuses on holistic preparation for life beyond defense, considering physical, and mental well-being & long-term injury prevention. They offer diverse programs and services, including access to performance psychologists, physiotherapists & educational resources.

Effective communication and engagement are equally vital for workplace success. After my firing, I improved my communication skills, actively listening, providing constructive feedback & seeking opportunities to collaborate and learn.

RAAF acknowledges the importance of communication and engagement, offering various programs…

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