Episode 104 – Jacob Tober


Understanding and harnessing barbell velocity is a game-changer for optimizing athletic performance. In this guide, we’ll explore insights from Jacob Tober, an expert in strength and conditioning. With a focus on enhancing sports performance, Tober shares extensive knowledge from years at Core Advantage and as a co-founder of the Metric app. Discover how maximizing barbell velocity can revolutionize your training and elevate your athletic prowess.

Jacob is also a Co-Founder of Metric, an app that uses a unique computer vision system and rep-detection algorithm to analyze camera footage from a mobile device and measure barbell velocity.

Highlights from the episode:

  • Importance of confidence in dealing with athletes
  • Why you need experience to fast-track your coaching career
  • His role at Core Advantage
  • How the Metric app they developed helps athletes
  • Where to download the Metric app

The Journey of a Coach

Tober’s journey in strength and conditioning began as an aspiring athlete. Unable to secure a spot on the team, he turned to the gym to enhance his skills, particularly in basketball and athleticism.

From Player to Coach: The Transition

Tober’s journey shifted when he trained with the Sandy Zebras. Exposed to strength and conditioning coaching, he found his passion. The Core Advantage internship further honed his skills, providing valuable practical knowledge alongside coaches Durham and Rob. This experience shaped Tober’s coaching approach, emphasizing adaptability and dynamic thinking.

Mastering the Soft Skills

As Tober’s career progressed, he recognized the importance of honing not just technical aspects, but also softer skills like communication and feedback. The balance between assertiveness and empathy is crucial in helping athletes reach their potential. This approach fosters growth within his team at Core Advantage.

Revolutionizing Training with Metric

Tober’s groundbreaking development was the creation of Metric, an app dedicated to tracking barbell velocity. It revolutionized how athletes approach training, offering precise monitoring for data-driven decisions. From practice match readiness to technique refinement, the app is invaluable for athletes and coaches.

The Future of Athletic Performance

As Tober and his team at Core Advantage continue to refine Metric, the future of athletic performance looks promising. Integrating technology and sports science promises to unlock new potential for athletes. With a focus on accuracy and precision, Metric becomes an indispensable asset in any serious athlete’s training toolkit.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Performance

Jacob Tober’s journey from aspiring athlete to renowned strength and conditioning expert showcases the power of passion and perseverance. His insights on maximizing barbell velocity offer a valuable roadmap. Through innovative technology like Metric, sports performance is evolving. Embracing these innovations and adopting Tober’s holistic coaching approach unlocks true potential, elevating performance to new heights.

People Mentioned:

  • Durham Mclnnis
  • Daniel Tober
  • James Russell





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