Maximizing Athletic Performance Tips

Maximizing Athletic Performance: Tips from Alex Clarke

In the pursuit of peak athletic performance, guidance from an expert can make all the difference. Maximizing Athletic Performance Tips, Maximizing Athletic Performance Tips. Alex Clarke, an accomplished Athletic Performance Coach at Wests Tigers, shares invaluable insights garnered from years of experience in the field. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting out, these tips can help you elevate your game and achieve your goals.

This week on the show we have Alex Clarke, the athletic development coach for the Cronulla Sharks in the NRL. Alex has been involved in the preparation of elite athletes for over 15 years. Throughout this time he’s worked with both individual athletes including Olympic and world champions as well as the Hawthorn FC & Brisbane Lions He’s worked across a number of different sports and has presented on strength and conditioning at conferences and seminars both in Australia and overseas.


  • How Alex started his strength and conditioning career
  • How his rehab work looks like at Brisbane Lions
  • Alex shares his footy finals experience at Hawthorn Brisbane
  • His advice for fellow S&C coaches
  • Alex shares how he started Jewel Performance
  • Things to focus on for developing rugby or footy athletes

The Journey Begins: From Lifeguard to Coach

Alex’s journey into the world of strength and conditioning commenced during his days as a lifeguard at a private facility. Little did he know, this role would lead him to work with elite athletes under the mentorship of renowned coach Roland Taylor. With a passion for improvement, Alex eagerly accepted the opportunity to become an SNC coach, kickstarting a career dedicated to honing athletic potential.

Learning from Mistakes: A Coach’s Evolution

Early on, Alex candidly admits to making mistakes in his coaching career. Looking back, he chuckles at some of the programs he initially designed. These experiences, however, were pivotal in shaping his coaching style. They taught him the importance of adaptability, continual learning, and a willingness to evolve in the pursuit of excellence.

Rehabilitation Realities: Navigating the Process

Alex’s expertise extends to rehabilitation, a critical aspect of athletic development. He shares that rehabilitation can involve working with anywhere from one to twenty athletes, each at different stages of recovery. While he primarily focused on late-stage rehabilitation, he emphasizes the collaborative effort with physiotherapists like Andrew Lambert and Randall Cooper in ensuring holistic care for the athletes.

Triumphs and Lessons: Finals Campaigns and Growth

Alex’s career path led him through stints at clubs like Hawthorn and Brisbane, where he experienced the highs and lows of finals campaigns. From unexpected victories to humbling defeats, every moment provided lessons for both him and the players he mentored. The resilience and growth exhibited during these campaigns laid the foundation for future successes.

Building Trust: The Cornerstone of Effective Coaching

For Alex, trust is the cornerstone of any successful coach-player relationship. He emphasizes the importance of creating an environment where athletes feel heard and valued. By involving them in the decision-making process and giving them ownership of their training, trust is cultivated. This approach fosters a collaborative spirit, resulting in more motivated and dedicated athletes.

Dual Performance: A Side Project Turned Success

In addition to his coaching role, Alex founded Dual Performance, a venture aimed at providing online strength programs. This endeavor was born out of a desire to create additional income streams for coaches. Today, Dual Performance offers tailored strength programs and is poised to expand into Telehealth services, thanks to Alex’s innovative approach.

Nurturing Young Talent: Advice for Aspiring Athletes

For young athletes with dreams of reaching the elite level, Alex offers sage advice. He stresses the importance of recognizing the journey and setting clear, achievable goals. Engaging with coaches and seeking guidance in specific areas of improvement are vital steps toward realizing one’s full potential.

With these expert insights from Alex Clarke, you’re equipped to embark on a journey of athletic excellence. Whether you’re a coach, an aspiring athlete, or a seasoned pro, the principles shared here are the building blocks of success. Take them to heart, and watch your performance soar to new heights.

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