Episode 230 – How to continue to maximize athletic development while managing a condensed schedule

Key Topic: How to continue to maximize athletic development while managing a condensed schedule.


In this podcast episode, we welcome Scott Smith, the renowned strength and conditioning Coach at Melbourne Victory. He shares his expertise on “Maximize Athletic Development Condensed” while managing a tight schedule. With over 15 years of experience, Scott has worked with top athletes, helping them achieve peak performance and fitness goals.

Highlights from the episode:

  • How to manage in-season fatigue
  • Tips and advice for coaches managing a group of athletes going through a condensed schedule
  • Post-game training sessions for those that aren’t playing
  • Tips for athletes managing fatigue or low motivation in season
  • Favorite recovery methods for players after a game

People Mentioned:

  • Justin Crow
  • Tony Popovic
  • Adam Waterson
  • Karl Dodd
  • Craig Duncan
  • Benjamin Vasco
  • Jayden Anderson

Scott Smith’s Background and Role at Melbourne Victory

Scott Smith is a well-known Strength and Conditioning Coach in the world of professional football. Currently at Melbourne Victory FC, one of Australia’s most successful football clubs, his expertise has played a crucial role in the team’s recent success.

Managing In-Season Fatigue

One major challenge during the football season is managing player fatigue due to the busy schedule. Scott emphasizes monitoring players’ workloads with GPS tracking and heart rate monitors. He promotes rest and recovery through nutrition, sleep, and active recovery methods.

Tips for Coaches Managing a Condensed Schedule

Coaches face the challenge of keeping players fresh and motivated. Scott suggests individualized training programs based on players’ unique needs. This includes strength and conditioning exercises, mental training, and communication to support their well-being.

Post-Game Training Sessions for Non-Playing Athletes

To keep non-playing athletes engaged and motivated, Scott advises providing post-game training sessions focused on strength, conditioning, and technical drills.

Tips for Athletes Managing Fatigue or Low Motivation

Even with proper rest, athletes may experience fatigue or low motivation. Scott recommends focusing on goals and staying committed to training and performance. He emphasizes maintaining a positive attitude and connecting with teammates and coaches for support.

Favorite Recovery Methods for Players After a Game

Scott shares some of his favorite recovery methods for players, including foam rolling, massage therapy, cold water immersion, and the significance of proper nutrition and hydration.


Scott Smith’s insights into managing in-season fatigue, coaching during a condensed schedule, and post-game recovery are invaluable for athletes, coaches, and fitness enthusiasts alike. Implementing individualized programs and promoting rest will help athletes excel despite the challenges of a packed schedule.

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