Leadership Excellence Justin Crow

Unlocking Leadership Excellence: The Justin Crow Way

In the realm of leadership, one name stands out for its unwavering commitment to a “people first” approach: Leadership Excellence Justin Crow. Leadership Excellence Justin Crow Drawing inspiration from a diverse array of mentors, including Mick, Dave, Neil Craig, and John Worsfold, Crow has honed a leadership style that prioritizes the well-being and development of his team members.

Prior to Melbourne, Justin worked at Paralympics Australia for 2 years. He also worked as a physiotherapy consultant for TAC, AIS project lead and High-Performance manager at Essendon football club, and rehabilitation coach at Collingwood FC.

Highlights of the episode:

  • Comparing Leadership styles from “people first” to “performance first”
  • His fave ways to develop himself
  • The importance of understanding athlete learning styles for effective coaching
  • How he conducts his meetings and why he runs through the list of players every day

A Performance-Focused Philosophy

Central to Crow’s leadership philosophy is a relentless emphasis on performance. This facet of his approach is deeply influenced by his experiences under the guidance of Neil Craig. For Crow, maintaining a performance-centric perspective is not just a professional duty, but a personal creed.

A Lifelong Journey of Learning

Justin Crow’s path to leadership excellence is paved with over three decades of formal study. His insatiable curiosity has led him to delve into various fields, always seeking to expand his knowledge and skill set. One notable milestone in his journey was his participation in the La Trobe performance health modules, which further enriched his understanding of human performance optimization.

Tailored Communication: A Cornerstone of Leadership

Understanding that no two athletes are the same, Crow underscores the significance of tailoring communication and guidance to meet individual needs. He is acutely aware of the delicate balance between providing essential information and overwhelming his team members. This personalized approach ensures that every athlete under his wing receives the support they require to thrive.

Meetings with Purpose

In the realm of team management, Justin Crow is a proponent of precision and efficiency. Prior to training sessions, he diligently reviews the player list daily, ensuring that everyone is aligned and prepared for the day ahead. Crow’s meetings are characterized by their concise nature, focusing on essential matters. For broader discussions, he reserves weekly meetings, providing a platform to address a wide spectrum of topics.

People mentioned:

  • Amir Takla
  • Chris Howley
  • Mick Malthouse
  • David Buttifant
  • Neil Craig
  • John Worsfold
  • Mark Thompson
  • Kate Mcloughlin
  • Tony Popovic

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