Episode 33 – Jacob Van Rooyen

Jacob van Rooyen Journey

Unveiling Jacob van Rooyen: AFL’s Rising Star

In the dynamic realm of Australian Rules Football (AFL), emerging talents are vital for the game’s vitality and competitiveness. One standout from the 2021 draft is Jacob van Rooyen, making waves in AFL circles. In this post, we explore Jacob van Rooyen Journey, from Oz Kick to his aspirations for the big leagues—a testament to his dedication and passion fueling his rise.

Prepare Like a Pro Perth Ambassador, Jacob van Rooyen Journey, is a recognized upcoming AFL player in the 2021 draft. In a podcast, he discusses his love for the game and preparation methods, shedding light on challenges and triumphs shaping him into a formidable force. Be inspired by Jacob van Rooyen Journey, encapsulating the essence of his footballing odyssey.

Highlights from the episode:

  • Importance of working hard on your weaknesses but also your strengths
  • The importance of family and how his 2 brothers and dad have helped Jacob football
  • How Jacob managed to still perform during the challenging COVID interrupted football season of 2020
  • His current weekly routine at Claremont and what his focus has been for this off/pre-season
  • 2021 goals and what is Jacob excited about for this season

The Early Days

Jacob’s Aussie Rules journey began at five or six with Oz Kick. His father, a native of England turned devoted fan, sparked his passion. Despite no background, Jacob’s father instilled a love for footy in his son.

Growing Up with Footy

In a sports-loving family, Jacob’s knack for Aussie Rules emerged early. With two brothers also in the game, the van Rooyen backyard became a fiercely competitive battleground. Jacob’s journey from Oz Kick to a top AFL draft prospect showcases dedication and natural talent.

Navigating 2020 Challenges

Amid global challenges in 2020, Jacob navigated uncertainties with resilience. In Perth, with a contained impact, he participated in a 10-round season, showcasing his skills in the Colts team.

Standout Performance

A highlight of Jacob’s 2020 season was a remarkable game against Peel Thunder, scoring five goals three as a center-half forward. It emphasized his goal-scoring abilities, strategic positioning, and effective use of body strength.

Transitioning to Senior Football

Jacob’s dedication is evident in his commitment to senior football. Transitioning to Claremont’s senior ranks, he focuses on gym sessions and skill training, adapting to senior-level competition and gaining insights from seasoned players.

Looking to the Future

As Jacob eyes a spot in Claremont’s senior lineup, he envisions playing against fully grown men. The goal is clear – contention for the Round One lineup. His journey emphasizes the importance of setting short-term and long-term goals, guiding him since captaining the West Australian state team at 16.

Advice for Aspiring Players

Jacob shares advice for aspiring players, emphasizing hard work and continuous improvement. Focus on addressing weaknesses and honing strengths, challenging oneself against stronger opponents to stand out.


Jacob van Rooyen’s story is an inspiring narrative of passion, dedication, and pursuit of excellence in Australian Rules Football. Navigating challenges as a rising AFL star, Jacob remains grounded in hard work and continuous improvement. His journey motivates aspiring players, a testament to footy’s enduring appeal in shaping lives.

People mentioned:

  • Matt Johnson
  • Jack Williams
  • Rhett Bazzo

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