Episode 224 – Scott Salwasser

Game Day Performance Fundamentals

Game Day Performance Fundamentals: Enhancing Agility and Movement


In the fast-paced world of sports, success on game day depends on various factors, including Game Day Performance Fundamentals. One crucial aspect is agility and multi-directional movement. Scott Salwasser, the renowned Director of Athletic Performance, specializes in understanding the importance of underpinning qualities and weightlifting proficiency to optimize game-day performance. Working with team-based athletes, Scott excels in individualizing training needs within a group setting. In this blog post, we explore his insights on agility training, weightlifting, and collaborating with tactical coaches for improved game-day performance.

Highlights from the episode:

  • Key fundamentals for performing agility actions on the game day
  • His stance for contact sports doing agility in the weights room and progression to weightlifting
  • Common challenges and solutions for team-based athletes looking to improve agility
  • He collaborates with tactical and skill coaches
  • What’s on the horizon for Scott in 2023

The Importance of Agility and Multi-Directional Movement

Agility is vital for contact sports, enabling athletes to change direction quickly, dodge opponents, and react swiftly to the game’s dynamic nature. Scott Salwasser emphasizes building a strong foundation of underpinning qualities like strength, balance, coordination, and flexibility to enhance agility. Focusing on these fundamentals improves athletes’ efficiency, reduces injury risks, and enhances overall performance.

Scott’s Approach to Weightlifting and Progression

Weightlifting is essential in an athlete’s training regimen, but Scott believes that age is less important than movement proficiency when introducing weightlifting exercises. Objective evaluation of an athlete’s movement patterns and biomechanics is crucial to determine their readiness for weightlifting. Scott tailors individualized weightlifting programs targeting weaknesses and developing proper techniques, ensuring safety and maximizing performance gains.

Catering to Team-Based Athletes

As the Director of Athletic Performance, Scott excels in working with large groups of team-based athletes. Training individuals within a group setting presents challenges, but Scott’s expertise lies in identifying and addressing each athlete’s unique needs. Personalized attention helps athletes thrive on game day by receiving the necessary guidance and training.

Collaborating with Tactical Coaches for Optimal Performance

Scott’s success as an athletic performance director comes from collaborating with tactical coaches. Though not directly involved in drill design, he understands the sport’s demands and goals. Working closely with tactical coaches, Scott tailors training programs that align with the sport’s specific requirements, leading to more effective game-day performance.


Scott Salwasser’s expertise in game day performance, particularly in agility training and weightlifting, benefits team-based athletes. Emphasizing underpinning qualities, evaluating movement proficiency, and collaborating with tactical coaches unlock new levels of agility and movement for athletes. As the Director of Athletic Performance, Scott continues to inspire and empower athletes, leading to enhanced game-day performance and overall success.

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