Steve has recently finished working with Hockey Australia womens team during a Olympic campaign. He has also worked at Melbourne FC for 5 seasons and currently runs workshops at the West Coast Health & Performance Clinic. 

Topics discussed:

  • What a physio’s schedule look like in his time in West Coast
  • How often an athlete should try something new before deciding to include it in the training 
  • Strategies when working with an athlete for the first time
  • How often he works out with the athlete when he does rehab work
  • His favorite tv series/movie as a physio
  • Upcoming Athletic Hip and Groin Workshop this December 4 – 5, 2021

People mentioned:

  • Chris Perkin
  • Ben Raysmith
  • Dave Misson
  • Joel aims
  • Sam Peach
  • Dave Valey
  • Daniel cross
  • Steve Gravina
  • Paul Roos

Connect with Steve:

The Athletic Hip and Groin Workshop:

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