Episode 245 Joel Hocking

Joel Hocking is the High-Performance Manager at St Monica’s College Epping. Prior to working at St Monica’s, Joel was the High-performance manager of Carlton Football Club, and Melbourne Football Club along with roles as an S&C coach at Essendon and Hawthorn over a 20-year period.


  • How his love for S&C started
  • Fave ways to develop himself and his practical skills as an S&C coach
  • Habits to develop for athletes
  • Advice on how to structure your training for pre-season
  • His favorite athletes to work with and his reason
  • Joel’s pet peeves and how he spends his day off
  • What an S&C coach job looks like in a high school setting

People mentioned:

  • Ed Curnow
  • Dylan Buckley 
  • Shane Crawford
  • Tom Scully
  • Andrew Walker
  • Andrew Russell
  • Bohdan Babijcuk 

Connect with Joel: https://www.instagram.com/jch.hocking/

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Unlocking Athletic Potential: Insights from Joel Hocking, High-Performance Coach at St Monica’s College Epping

In the world of sports, unlocking an athlete’s full potential requires expert guidance and strategic training. High-performance coaches play a pivotal role in shaping athletes’ careers, enabling them to achieve remarkable feats on the field. One such exceptional coach is Joel Hocking, a renowned high-performance coach at St Monica’s College Epping. With a wealth of experience and a passion for athletic development, Joel has transformed the lives of numerous young athletes. In this blog post, we delve into the insights shared by Joel Hocking, exploring his journey, training philosophies, and valuable advice for aspiring athletes. Whether you’re a young athlete, a coach, or simply curious about the world of high-performance training, Joel’s expertise and experiences will inspire and enlighten you.

Discovering the Passion for Strength and Conditioning

Joel’s journey into the world of high-performance coaching began with a deep-rooted passion for sports. While he initially pursued a career in athletics, his interest soon gravitated toward strength and conditioning. With a successful junior athletics career in the long jump, high jump, and 100-meter sprints, Joel had the privilege of being coached by Bowden Babichek, a pioneering strength and conditioning coach in the AFL. This mentorship laid the foundation for Joel’s future endeavors in the field.

Embracing the Track and Field Approach

Under the guidance of his coach, Joel was exposed to the track and field approach, which was instrumental in revolutionizing conditioning techniques in the AFL. Alongside John Quinn, another prominent figure in the field, Joel’s coach brought a fresh perspective to AFL conditioning. This exposure instilled in Joel a profound understanding of the nuances of training and the ability to translate his knowledge into tangible results. His own training experiences further refined his coaching abilities, allowing him to effectively communicate with athletes and expedite their improvement.

Continuous Learning and Collaboration

Joel’s commitment to continuous learning is a driving force behind his success as a high-performance coach. He emphasizes the importance of staying connected and engaged with fellow professionals, athletes, and colleagues. Through constant interaction and open discussions, he expands his knowledge base, gathers new ideas, and discovers alternative viewpoints. By fostering an inclusive and collaborative environment, Joel ensures that his department operates at its highest potential. This not only enhances the team’s morale but also facilitates the exchange of valuable insights and perspectives.

Key Traits for Developing Young Athletes

Drawing from his experiences working with high-caliber athletes and being an athlete himself, Joel shares his insights into developing young footballers. Consistency emerges as a vital trait, emphasizing the need for dedicated and regular training. He stresses the significance of training for speed, focusing on proper mechanics to optimize performance. Furthermore, he advocates for avoiding burnout by striking a balance between training intensity and recovery. With a structured training plan that incorporates speed sessions, interval training, and aerobic exercises, young athletes can progress steadily without overwhelming their bodies.

The Role of a Strategic Conditioning Coach

Joel provides a glimpse into his role as a strategic conditioning coach at St Monica’s College. While his responsibilities align with those of professional-level coaches, he tailors his approach to suit the needs of young athletes. By establishing a solid foundation through basic lifting techniques, running mechanics, and technical training, he sets the stage for future growth. Joel highlights the benefits of working with enthusiastic young athletes, who bring energy and excitement to training sessions. Moreover, the collaboration with full-time and casual coaches helps enhance the athletes’ development across various sports disciplines.


Joel Hocking’s remarkable journey and valuable insights provide a compelling glimpse into the world of high-performance coaching. His passion for sports, commitment to continuous learning, and focus on building strong foundations in young athletes exemplify his dedication to unlocking their full potential. From emphasizing consistency and proper mechanics to fostering collaboration and maintaining balance, Joel’s training philosophies offer valuable lessons for athletes, coaches, and sports enthusiasts alike. Aspiring athletes can draw inspiration from their experiences, while coaches can learn from their coaching methods to nurture and guide young talent. Joel Hocking’s contribution to the field of high-performance coaching is a testament to the transformative impact a dedicated mentor can have on athletes’ lives. By embracing his teachings and embodying his principles, we can pave the way for a new generation of athletes destined for greatness.

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