Jordan Sellar is the High Performance Manager of Adelaide AFLW. He is an ASCA Level 2 PCAS Strength and Conditioning Coach with experience in the AFL and AFLW, SANFL, Institute Sport, and Long-Term Athletic Development within the School setting. He is also our Adelaide-based Prepare Like a Pro coach. 


  • Advice to his younger self when he was starting his S&C career
  • Why on field performance and intensity are the number 1 focus
  • What athletes can do to prepare during this time of year
  • Advice for footballer doing weights
  • What makes him angry
  • Differences between preparing AFLW and AFL athletes

People Mentioned:

  • Jarryd Wallace
  • Jade Sheedy
  • Samuel L Jackson
  • Brad Newton
  • Nathan Heeney
  • Matt Haas

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