In episode 7 of the Prepare Like A Pro I am speaking with Tom Mitchell the Brownlow medalist, vice Captain for the Hawthorn FC – He also created an app called Ball magnets and is designed for all level footballers with drills to help skill and physical development!

We spoke about Tom’s early years of footy, how he successfully rehabilitated a broken leg, and the challenges he faced playing such a strange year of footy in 2020. Tom had sound advice for young up-and-coming #footy players who are trying to get noticed, and top tips for things you can do to gain a competitive edge on your teammates

Tommy was good enough to answer every question the fans sent through from his hardest opponent to his areas of focus during pre-season and the week of a game. Definitely check this chat out we dive into some topics any footy fan and or athlete needs to hear.

Ball Magnets:

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