Before Melbourne, Jay Ellis was the High Performance Manager at Casey Demons in the VFL. He has also been the rehabilitation assistant at Melbourne FC, interned at Collingwood FC and worked with AFL Victoria at Vic metro and Western Jets programs.


  • How Jay’s sales manager experience helped with his coaching
  • The difference between with American and Aussie football trainin
  • How Jay’s approach change after he came back from America
  • 5 people who have greatly influenced his career
  • How to prove that you’re the right S&C coach for the job
  • Why Jay worked as a coach for different sports

People mentioned:

  • James Russell
  • Christian Woodford
  • Nik PopovicĀ 
  • Chris Goulding
  • Jock Landale
  • Mitch McCarron
  • Greg Olgy
  • Shane Sexton
  • Owen Mcintyre
  • Matthew Pell
  • Maryn Girvan
  • Jamie Hepner
  • Blake Mclean
  • Chris Seville
  • David Misson
  • Kayne Johns

Connect with Jay:

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