This week on the show we have Sean Potter, the High-Performance manager of the Tasmanian Devils. Prior the Devils, Sean was the High-performance manager of Caldor Cannons.


  • How Sean got to Melbourne Storm
  • How Sean juggled his uni, lifeguard job, S&C in Melbourne Storm
  • The influencers and mentors who shaped his career
  • What his role looks like in Tazmanian Devils
  • His key focus on his training program and what he looks for from the athletes
  • His approach to athletes who pushes themselves past their limits

People mentioned:

  • Steve Forcone
  • Rob Inness
  • Loris Bertolacci
  • Steuart Livingstone
  • Mathew Pell
  • Matthew Glossop
  • Paul Sealy
  • David Watts
  • Michael Macri
  • Lachlan Wilmot

Connect with Sean:

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