This week on the show we have Alex Clarke, the athletic development coach for the Cronulla Sharks in the NRL. Alex has been involved in the preparation of elite athletes for over 15 years. Throughout this time he’s worked with both individual athletes including Olympic and world champions as well as the Hawthorn FC & Brisbane Lions he’s worked across a number of different sports and has presented on strength and conditioning at conferences and seminars both in Australia and overseas.


  • How Alex started his strength and conditioning career
  • How his rehab work looks like at Brisbane Lions
  • Alex shares his footy finals experience at Hawthorn Brisbane
  • His advice for fellow S&C coaches
  • Alex shares how he started Jewel Performance
  • Things to focus on for developing rugby or footy athletes

People Mentioned:

  • Andrew Lambart
  • Jonathon Brown
  • David Rundle
  • Rohan Taylor
  • Andrew Russell
  • Randall Cooper
  • Phill Merriman
  • Luke Boyd

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Dual Performance

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