Nalesh has worked with the GWS Giants for the last 9 years. 

He has a strong background in football medicine, especially in end-stage sports-specific rehabilitation. He has completed his football diploma and currently completing his sports physio degree he has a special interest in hip and groin injuries and is currently completing his FIFA Diploma in Football Medicine.

Discussion Timestamps: 

  • 00:00  Podcast Intro
  • 00:22  Introducing Nalesh Murti
  • 02:18  How Nalesh started his sports physio journey
  • 05:24  How he develops his physio management
  • 07:45  How did he start at Team GWS Giants
  • 16:23  Nalesh shares his S&C experience under his mentors
  • 20:24  Important skills to become a physio and how to polish them
  • 26:45  Similarities he’s seen with successful AFL athletes he worked with
  • 29:00  How to build rapport when doing rehab with a new athlete
  • 33:13  What Nalesh is excited about 2021

People mentioned:

  • Lachlan Wilmott
  • David Joyce
  • Tim Parham
  • Luke Heath
  • Matthew Deboer
  • John Quinn

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