Episode 57 – Nalesh Murti

Introduction: Athletic Performance Physio’s Essence

In the dynamic field of sports medicine, athletic performance physiotherapists are vital for athletes’ well-being and peak performance. Nalesh Murti, an expert in the field and an “Athletic Performance Physio,” shares insights into football medicine, career decisions, and the essentials of successful physiotherapy.

Nalesh has worked with the GWS Giants for the last 9 years as an “Athletic Performance Physio.”

He has a strong background in football medicine, especially in end-stage sports-specific rehabilitation. He has completed his football diploma and is currently completing his sports physio degree. Nalesh has a special interest in hip and groin injuries and is also currently completing his FIFA Diploma in Football Medicine, further enhancing his expertise as an “Athletic Performance Physio.”

Highlights from the episode:

  • Podcast Intro
  • Introducing Nalesh Murti
  • How Nalesh started his sports physio journey
  • How he develops his physio management
  • How did he start at Team GWS Giants
  • Nalesh shares his S&C experience under his mentors
  • Important skills to become a physio and how to polish them
  • Similarities he’s seen with successful AFL athletes he worked with
  • How to build rapport when doing rehab with a new athlete
  • What Nalesh is excited about in 2021

Charting a Path: Passion and Purpose Combined

Nalesh Murti’s journey into physiotherapy blends a love for sports with a genuine desire to contribute to medicine. His story emphasizes aligning personal interests with professional goals and the crucial role education plays in shaping a well-rounded physiotherapist.

Strategic Moves: Joining GWS Giants

Securing a role with the GWS Giants demands strategic planning and perseverance. Nalesh details his tactical approach, using his honours year as a gateway. The journey involves tough interviews, mentorship, and the valuable lesson of standing out in a competitive field.

Diverse Exposure: Beyond Rehab

Nalesh advocates breaking from the traditional rehab-focused role. His experiences highlight the importance of varied clinical exposure and understanding the sports industry’s multifaceted demands. The narrative encourages aspiring physiotherapists to embrace diversity in their training.

Building Bridges: Trust and Communication

Nalesh’s approach centers on trust and effective communication with athletes. He explores relationship-building nuances, setting expectations, and providing transparent guidance. These insights offer a blueprint for physiotherapists aiming to establish themselves in the sports community.

Personal Focus: Balancing Career and Family

In a surprising turn, Nalesh focuses on family life in 2021. This shift underscores balancing a demanding career with personal joys, reminding that success extends beyond professional achievements.

Conclusion: Success in Athletic Performance Physio

Nalesh Murti’s journey is a tapestry of strategic decisions, diverse experiences, and a commitment to excellence in athletic performance physiotherapy. Aspiring physiotherapists can learn valuable lessons, understanding success requires passion, education, strategic planning, and a genuine connection with athletes.

In conclusion, athletic performance physiotherapy is holistic, not just treating injuries. Nalesh Murti’s journey offers a roadmap for success in this challenging field. His experiences provide insights for both budding and established physiotherapists. As sports evolve, so must those guiding athletes on their journey to success.

People mentioned:

  • Lachlan Wilmott
  • David Joyce
  • Tim Parham
  • Luke Heath
  • Matthew Deboer
  • John Quinn

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