Paul Roos (Roosy) is one of Australia’s most respected footballers. A two-time Australian captain, Roos played 356 games and was inducted into the AFL Hall Of Fame in 2005. That same year he coached Sydney Swans to a premiership. Roosy has also worked as head of the academy in Sydney, head coach at Melbourne, and is currently consulting at North Melbourne Football Club.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Roosy’s love for sport growing up and how this helped his ability to ‘read the play’ and handle high training loads
  • How being so active playing footy, tennis, and basketball throughout his childhood helped build base to handle
  • The importance of strong leaders and mentors to show you how to train and prepare for performance
  • Importance of connection amongst a team and how to continue to build on it
  • Changes in AFL structures overs the years
  • 2 key questions to work out what areas of your life need more attention
  • The do’s and don’ts for leadership in sport and life
  • His coaching philosophy notes that he created as a player and referred to his whole coaching career
  • How to prepare and run successful meetings
  • Self-awareness and communication are critical skills and require practice
  • Culture and how important creating a safe environment is for open and honest conversations

People mentioned:

  • Garry Wilson
  • Terry Wallis
  • Tony Shaw
  • Peter Francis
  • Davin Parkin
  • Rodney Eade
  • Paul Kelly
  • Stuart Maxfield
  • Damien Hardwick
  • Alastair Clarkson
  • John Longmire
  • Brett Kirk
  • Kieren Jack
  • Adam Goodes
  • Dylan Roos
  • Brett Stevens
  • John Blakey
  • Ben Matthews
  • Amon Buchanan
  • Christian Petracca
  • Nathan Jones
  • Max Gawn
  • Neville Jetta

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