Nathan Parnham is the author of The Sporting Parent and director of strength & conditioning at Brisbane Grammar School. Nathan Parnham draws on close to two decades of experience in the athlete development space in both the amateur and professional ranks to provide you with the key insights and knowledge you need to help your sporting child, the right way.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Nathan’s strength & conditioning journey from start to now
  • His learnings from working alongside Darren Burgess
  • Why he decided to be an author and the challenge of writing his book the sporting parent
  • The program and staff at Brighton Grammar school and what sets it apart from other schools
  • Lots of tips and tricks for developing athletes, and staff looking to reach the elite level
  • The same 5 questions he receives from most developing athletes parents go into detail around supplements, stunting growth from weight training, body image issues, how much is too much
  • For further information on Nathan’s book jump over to which is sure to change the youth sporting landscape throughout the country.

People mentioned:

  • Darren Burgess
  • Brett Bartholomew
  • Adam Waterson
  • Lachlan Wilmot
  • Simon Harry
  • Elliot Taylor
  • Adam Block
  • Grant Cole
  • Jordan Manning
  • Rhett Cope
  • Cat Pace

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