Pete Burridge is a First Team Athletic Performance Coach at Bristol Bears Rugby in England. A graduate of Loughborough University, he previously spent time working at Leicester Tigers Rugby Club, Leicester City FC, and at Exeter University, during which time he has trained athletes from a multitude of sports including athletics, golf, lacrosse, and rowing.

Highlights of the episode:

  • How to get a successful internship in an elite club
  • How to make a good impact and positive influence to athletes
  • Why starting with the end in mind is key when planning a large group warm up
  • Why bucketing athletes into groups can be helpful for athletic development
  • How he provides explicit feedback and facilitate implicit learning to players

People mentioned:

  • Tim Gabbett
  • Alex Martin
  • Andy Shelden
  • Shane Lehane
  • Daniel Kahneman
  • Nick Winkelman
  • Dale Cripps
  • Ollie Richardson

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