Tyson is the Founder of Relaxed Running. He has been involved in running and running based sports for many years. He ran for Australia, won one of Australia’s biggest 10,000m Road Race, the Victorian One Mile State Title and many more. 

He’s trained with distance running greats like Craig Mottram, and AFL greats like Sam Mitchell. With all of his running experience, he realized that nearly every running-based sport offered a generalized training program to athletes of all different fitness levels and player positions. With that in mind, he set out to combine high quality training programs with technique analysis to transform every athlete’s running.

Highlights of the episode:

  • Strong influencers of his running development and his current program
  • Common mistakes for running and why you need to relax your upper body when sprinting
  • Tips to be relaxed and perform at your best in an event
  • Relaxed running philosophy and why it has three tiers of progression
  • His favorite running distance for repeat speed

People mentioned:

  • John Quinn
  • Sam Mitchell
  • Mark Blicavs
  • Paull Roos
  • Tiger Woods

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