Episode 16 – Ian Mckeown

Mackers is currently the Head of High Performance at Port Adelaide FC where he leads an impressive group of sports medicine, sports science, and strength and conditioning professionals. Ian is now heading into his 9th season within the AFL at Port Adelaide having previously worked as the Head of Athletic Development.

Originally from Northern Ireland where he worked as a strength and conditioning coach for the Sports Institute for Northern Ireland, he headed to Australia in 2009 to coach at the Australian Institute of Sport and to complete his Ph.D. on power development and movement ability in junior athletes.

We covered the following topics:

  • Practical tips to help developing footballers improvise their athleticism
  • The assessment of athletic development and movement ability
  • Ian’s passion for coaching and ensuring the rigour of performance science is utilised
  • His mentors and methods to improve his knowledge and management skills
  • Daily practices to improve athleticism and on-field performance.

People mentioned:

  • Phil Moreland
  • Jason Cripps
  • Kelvin Giles
  • David Pyne
  • Stuart Graham
  • David Martin
  • Nick Richardson
  • Tim O’Leary
  • Daniel Rogers
  • Sam Hayes

Connect with Ian
Instagram: www.instagram.com/ian.mackers/

Listen: iTunes | IGTV | Spotify



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