We discuss:

  • Will playing journey from start to now
  • His upbringing and how he approached his development living in Adelaide
  • How much he loves the game and how he goes about preparing himself to be at his best
  • How he managed to not get selected for his under 18’s state team and why he decided to change clubs in his draft year
  • His physical focus in the off/pre-season and how he manages his body
  • Tips and tricks for developing footballers wanting to play in the AFL

People mentioned:

  • Jack Scrimshaw
  • James Sicily
  • Tom Mitchell
  • Sam Mitchell
  • Blake Hardwick
  • James Worpel
  • Chris Newman
  • Max Bailey
  • Andy Otten
  • Alastair Clarkson
  • Changkuoth Jiath
  • Adam Yze
  • Luke Boyd

Definitely check this chat out we dive into some topics any football fan, footballer or staff member needs to hear.

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