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The Hidden Determinants Behind Human Performance

Greg, highly trained in leadership and elite human performance leadership, works globally, offering diverse skills to clients. He is the Managing Director of Lead the Pack, a consultancy for Leadership and Elite Human Performance leadership.

Highlights from the episode:

  • Common determinants from champions that contribute to athletic excellence
  • Effective ways to open up the mindset of athletes
  • Key principles to be an effective leader
  • How to develop resilient athletes
  • The significance of trusting your instinct

Building Athletic Resilience: Key Strategies for Success


Athletic excellence requires more than physical prowess. Success in sports depends on factors beyond talent and hard work. Building athletic resilience is crucial for triumph. In this post, we explore determinants of athletic success, maturing, raising consciousness, and effective strategies for resilience in athletes. We also discuss the power of intuition for better decision-making.

The Hidden Determinants of Athletic Success

Greg Muller, Managing Director at Lead the Pack, researched elite athletes to identify critical success determinants. Maturing and raising consciousness, or building athletic resilience, play a significant role in facing challenges and pressure.

The Power of Maturing and Raising Consciousness

Building athletic resilience involves growth beyond physical skills. Athletes learn, study, seek mentorship, and become well-rounded individuals. This approach enhances performance and nurtures future leaders.

Developing Resilience in Athletes

Resilience is bouncing back from adversity and maintaining mental robustness. Coaches focus on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects to instill resilience in athletes.

The Role of Intuition in Athletic Decision-making

Experience and time sharpen intuition in sports. Elite coaches make critical decisions effectively, even in uncertainty, thanks to finely tuned intuition.


Building athletic resilience involves continuous learning, maturing, and developing well-rounded individuals. Success requires mental strength, emotional fortitude, and spiritual growth. Embracing resilience and intuition leads to extraordinary accomplishments. Nurturing these aspects creates exceptional athletes excelling on and off the field.

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