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Dylan Shiel, the star midfielder for the Essendon Football Club, is one of the most talented and dedicated players in the Australian Football League (AFL). Shiel has been a crucial player for the Essendon Football Club since joining the team in 2019, and his impressive performances have helped the team achieve great success. In this blog post, we will dive into some highlights from a podcast featuring Shiel and explore his mindset, approach to training, and plans for the future.

Highlights from the episode:

  • Mindfulness training
  • How he works on his weaknesses during the offseason
  • What he does before a game that benefits him
  • His plan for life after footy
  • How to boost team morale for next week’s game after a loss
  • How he trains for explosiveness

Mindfulness Training

One of the most important things that Shiel emphasizes in the podcast is the importance of mindfulness training. According to Shiel, mindfulness is about being present and focusing on the moment, which is essential for a player’s mental well-being and performance. Shiel talks about how he incorporates mindfulness into his daily routine, including using apps like Headspace and Calm to help him stay centered and focused. He also practices mindfulness during training and matches, focusing on his breathing and staying in the present moment to help him perform at his best.

Working on Weaknesses during Offseason

Another key aspect of Shiel’s success is his dedication to improving his weaknesses during the offseason. According to Shiel, he spends a lot of time analyzing his performance and identifying areas where he needs to improve. He then creates a plan to address these weaknesses during the offseason, which includes working on his fitness, technique, and mental toughness. Shiel stresses the importance of being honest with oneself and acknowledging weaknesses to achieve personal and team goals.

Pre-Game Routine

Shiel also talks about his pre-game routine and how it benefits him on the field. Before a game, Shiel likes to listen to music and visualize his performance on the field. He also spends time warming up and stretching to ensure that his body is prepared for the game. Shiel emphasizes the importance of routine in preparing for games, as it helps him stay focused and calm.

Plans for Life after Footy

While Shiel is currently focused on his football career, he also has plans for life after footy. In the podcast, he talks about his interest in property development and how he plans to pursue this passion after retiring from football. Shiel stresses the importance of having a plan for the future and pursuing interests outside of football to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Boosting Team Morale after a Loss

Another topic discussed in the podcast is how Shiel and the team deal with a loss and boost morale for the next game. According to Shiel, the team focuses on learning from their mistakes and improving their performance for the next game. He emphasizes the importance of maintaining a positive attitude and working together as a team to overcome challenges and achieve success.

Explosive Training

Finally, Shiel talks about his training regimen and how he focuses on explosiveness to improve his on-field performance. He explains how he incorporates a variety of exercises into his training, including plyometrics, sprinting, and weightlifting. Shiel also emphasizes the importance of rest and recovery to ensure that his body is prepared for the demands of the sport.

In conclusion, Dylan Shiel is a star midfielder for the Essendon Football Club who has achieved great success on the field. Through his dedication to mindfulness training, addressing his weaknesses, and following a pre-game routine, Shiel has been able to maintain a high level of performance. Additionally, his plans for life after football and emphasis on team morale and explosiveness demonstrate his commitment to personal and team success. It is clear that Shiel is a valuable asset to the Essendon Football Club and will continue to achieve great success both on and off the field.

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