Dylan Moore AFL journey

Embarking on the Journey: Early Years and Formative Shifts

Dylan Moore AFL journey began in his junior years, kicking off his football passion at the age of five. Delve into the details of Moore’s transition from Forest Hill to Roville in year seven, a move that set the stage for the elevation of his game. Dylan Moore AFL journey continued to evolve as he honed his skills and progressed through the ranks. In this episode of the Prepare Like A Pro Podcast, I am speaking to Dylan Moore. Recruited from the Caulfield Grammar, Dylan is an elite runner who continues to establish himself in the Hawthorn football senior team.

Highlights from the episode:

  • Dylan’s love for the game and his drive to be an AFL footballer began at the age of 17 after a strong performance on the field.
  • His football journey from the start to now is learning from being in the AFL system and having mentors such as Luke Breust.
  • About the “Young Bulls” tradition at Hawthorn FC and how they work together to get better and enjoy the process.
  • What worked and what has and hasn’t throughout his career, how he values life balance, and plenty of tips and tricks for young developing footballers.
  • How athletics helped develop his aerobic capacity and ability to get an edge on his competition going into the draft.
  • His mentors along the journey from his father and best mates from Rowville football club.
  • Dylan’s great insight into his approach to how to prepare himself year-round is the importance of listening to your body and the importance of adjusting your training intensity when your body is fatigued.

A Constant Dream: Recognizing Potential at 17

The dream of AFL was a constant for Moore, but it wasn’t until around the age of 17 that he recognized its potential. Overcoming setbacks and defying expectations, Moore’s story becomes a testament to perseverance and the unwavering pursuit of his dream.

Pivotal Guidance: Shaping the Dream Year

A coach’s advice to focus on becoming the best in his top-age year becomes a pivotal moment. Explore the shift in Moore’s training approach, where he intertwines football and athletics training, proving to be a game-changer. Gain insights into the specifics that aspiring athletes can apply to enhance their performance.

Navigating Challenges: Lessons from Setbacks

Athletic journeys are not without challenges. Discover how Moore dealt with peaking too early in one season, resulting in groin issues and gradual wear and tear on his body. Moore reflects on these challenges, emphasizing the importance of listening to one’s body for sustained success.

Crucial Connections: Mentors and Support Systems

Moore’s connection with influential figures like Trent and Coach Craig McRae played a significant role in his development. Uncover the support and guidance he received, showcasing the importance of a strong support system in the challenging realm of professional sports.

Rising Talent: The Concept of “Young Bulls”

Explore the concept of “Young Bulls” within the Hawthorn team, synonymous with emerging talent. Moore shares insights into the camaraderie among younger players, their role in bringing energy and fun to the team, and the unique focus they bring to each game.

Striding Forward: Aspirations for the Future

As Moore continues making strides in the AFL, get a glimpse into his aspirations. Making finals and gaining valuable experience in high-stakes games are at the forefront of Moore’s goals while maintaining a balanced approach that considers life beyond football.

Beyond the Field: Moore’s On and Off-Field Persona

The narrative seamlessly weaves through Moore’s on-field achievements, off-field interests, and camaraderie with teammates. From standout performances to shared golf outings, readers gain a holistic understanding of the man behind the AFL player.

In Conclusion: The Journey of Resilience and Excellence

Concluding the journey, Dylan Moore’s story is one marked by resilience, self-discovery, and the unwavering pursuit of excellence. An inspiration for aspiring athletes, his narrative highlights the importance of dedication, adaptability, and the relentless pursuit of dreams.

People mentioned:

  • Luke Breust
  • Sam Mitchell
  • Changkuoth Jiath (CJ)
  • Trent Mynott
  • Mitchell Lewis
  • Emerson Jeka
  • Alastair Clarkson
  • Mitchell Lewis
  • Jack Scrimshaw
  • James Worpel

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