Career journey in athletic performance

Jarrod has had an impressive Career Journey in Athletic Performance, having worked at Geelong FC, Kangaroos, Port Adelaide FC, and Adelaide FC in a range of different Strength and Conditioning roles. An experienced business owner and Sports Performance coach, he is skilled in Sports Science, Athletic Training, Biomechanics, Strength and Conditioning, and Sports Rehabilitation. Jarrod is also a strong professional who graduated from The University of Ballarat with Honours in Biomechanics.

Highlights from the episode:

  • What he would have done differently when he started his career
  • People who have influenced his career
  • Drills for running techniques
  • How he upskills himself
  • Important things when developing relationships with athletes
  • Using GPS metrics for injury prevention

People mentioned:

  • Andrew Russell 
  • Loris Bertolacci
  • Neil Craig
  • Chris Dennis
  • Cameron Falloon
  • Warren Young
  • Michael Poulton
  • Mark Thompson
  • Trevor Farr
  • David King
  • Anthony Stevens 
  • Glenn Archer
  • Denis Pagen
  • Chris Dennis
  • Dean Laidley 
  • Robbie Gray
  • Charlie Walsh
  • Dean Benton
  • Darren Burgess
  • Stuart Graham
  • Andrew Rondinelli

Connect with Jarrod:

Career Journey in Athletic Performance: Insights from Jarrod Egan

In the world of sports and athletic performance, success doesn’t happen overnight. It requires dedication, experience, and valuable mentorship to stand out in a competitive landscape. Jarrod Egan, the esteemed Head of Athletic Performance at Sydney Grammar School, shares his inspiring career journey and the lessons he’s learned along the way. Join us as we delve into his experiences and gain valuable insights that can benefit aspiring professionals in the field.

The Importance of Gaining Work Experience

Jarrod Egan believes that work experience is a crucial stepping stone to success. During his university days, he embraced every opportunity for work experience, recognizing its potential to shape his career path. He emphasizes that practical experience sets one apart from the sea of degree-holders, making them more attractive to potential employers. Aspiring professionals, especially those in the athletic performance domain, should be proactive in seeking opportunities to gain hands-on experience during their educational journey.

The Significance of Mentors

Throughout his career, Jarrod Egan has been fortunate to have influential mentors who played pivotal roles in his growth. He highlights two of his strongest influences, Andrew and Loris, who provided guidance and support during critical junctures. Mentorship, according to Egan, is instrumental in personal and professional development. Aspiring professionals should seek out mentors who can provide valuable insights, wisdom, and encouragement, helping them navigate the challenges that come their way.

Standing Out in a Crowded Job Market

In today’s competitive job market, merely possessing a degree might not be sufficient to secure a dream position. Jarrod Egan emphasizes the need for differentiation through unique experiences and skills. Employers often seek candidates who offer something distinctive. Aspiring athletic performance specialists should invest time in honing their craft, participating in internships, and building a strong network within the industry. This proactive approach can make all the difference when seeking employment opportunities.

Top Three Football Drills for Perfecting Running Technique

As an expert in athletic performance, Jarrod Egan shares his top three drills to enhance running technique, especially for footballers. One of his go-to drills is Tempo running, a method that involves repeat efforts over 70 to 80 meters at a consistent speed. During these drills, athletes receive targeted cues to focus on specific aspects of their form, facilitating gradual improvement. Egan’s practical approach to refining running technique has been valuable to countless athletes under his guidance.

Upskilling: Continuous Learning and Research

To stay at the cutting edge of his field, Jarrod Egan believes in continuous upskilling. He shares his experience of interacting with researcher Alan McCall, who helped him broaden his horizons during his time at Celtic. Egan suggests that aspiring professionals should engage in ongoing research, attend conferences, and connect with experts in the industry to stay updated with the latest trends and scientific advancements. By staying informed and constantly learning, one can elevate their expertise and become a sought-after professional.

The Impact of Athletic Performance Specialists

Athletic performance specialists play a crucial role in the success of athletes and sports teams. Their expertise goes beyond physical conditioning; they assess an athlete’s strengths and weaknesses, develop tailored training programs, and focus on injury prevention. Jarrod Egan’s journey exemplifies the dedication and passion required in this field.

Developing Strong Relationships with Athletes

Building trust and rapport with athletes is vital for athletic performance specialists. Jarrod Egan emphasizes the significance of effective communication and active listening. By understanding an athlete’s goals, fears, and aspirations, specialists can customize training programs that optimize performance.

The Role of Data in Athletic Performance

Data-driven approaches have revolutionized athletic performance training. Jarrod Egan discusses how technologies like GPS tracking and performance analytics have become essential tools for specialists. Analyzing an athlete’s performance data helps identify areas for improvement and monitor progress over time.

Embracing Innovation in Training Methods

As sports science evolves, new training methods emerge. Egan encourages specialists to be open to innovation and willing to explore unconventional approaches. Integrating cutting-edge techniques can give athletes a competitive advantage and elevate performance to new heights.


Jarrod Egan’s career journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring athletic performance specialists. From valuing work experience and mentorship to embracing continuous learning and innovation, his insights offer valuable guidance in this dynamic field. By understanding the significance of differentiation, relationship-building, and data-driven training methods, professionals can make a lasting impact on the athletes they support. As you embark on your own career journey, take heed of Jarrod Egan’s advice and excel in the world of athletic performance. The path to success awaits your passion and determination!

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