Rehab running success

The Complete Guide to Rehab Running Success

Recipe-Based Approach for Rehab Running Success

For new strength and conditioning (S&C) coaches, starting with a recipe-based approach to rehab running success is crucial. This method involves following experienced guidance, allowing beginners to build foundational knowledge without the pressure of critical decision-making. By doing so, they can focus on mastering the basics and developing effective coaching techniques.

Progression to Framework-Based Methods for Running Rehab

After gaining initial experience, transitioning quickly to a framework-based method is essential for running rehab success. This approach encourages critical thinking and individualized adjustments during rehab sessions. By moving away from a strict recipe, coaches can better adapt to the unique needs of each athlete, fostering a more dynamic and effective rehab process.

Balancing Injury Prevention and Performance in Rehab Running

A recipe-based approach primarily focuses on preventing injury recurrence. However, a framework-based approach can be tailored to enhance performance and prepare athletes to perform at their best when returning to play. This balance ensures that athletes are not only safe but also ready to hit the ground running from their first game back.

Individualizing Rehab for Running Success

Most lower body rehab can be generalized to about 80%, but the remaining 20-30% should be highly individualized. This customization is based on the specific injury and the tissue’s requirements during running activities. By understanding these needs, coaches can create a more effective and personalized rehab plan.

Utilizing Technology for Effective Rehab Running Programs

Utilizing technology like force plates is essential for assessing various performance metrics. These tools help prepare athletes for running by mimicking the forces required in running through gym-based exercises before actual running. This approach ensures that athletes are adequately prepared and reduces the risk of re-injury.

Highlights from the episode:

  • Advice to new rehab coaches when running a rehab session
  • Individualizing rehab for athletes
  • Things to consider when handling specific injuries
  • Essential technology for rehab programs
  • Strategies for calf injury rehab

People mentioned:

  • Nick Poulos
  • Alex Natera
  • Bill Knowles
  • Terry Condon
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