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In light of the AFL Women’s (AFLW) rising popularity, a new and vital role has emerged in the world of Australian Rules Football – Athlete Development Coach. This article will explore the roles and responsibilities of Athlete Development Coaches, focusing on their importance to the development of AFLW players.

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What is the AFLW?

The AFLW is the national Australian rules football league for women. The league began in February 2017 with eight teams, expanded to 10 in 2019, and then 14 in 2020. The AFLW is the most attended women’s football competition in Australia and one of the most popular women’s football competitions in the world. Its record attendance of 53,034 for the 2019 AFL Women’s Grand Final between Adelaide and Carlton was the highest of any women’s sport in Australia. 

The success and the reception of the AFLW have generated lots of interest amongst women in Australia who want to play the sport. This development has also given rise to the importance of Athlete Development Coaches. But what is an AFLW Athlete Development Coach anyway? Let’s find out.

What is an Athlete Development Coach?

An Athlete Development Coach is a coach specializing in the development of athletes. They work with athletes of all levels, from beginners to elite, and help them improve their skills and performance. Athlete Development Coaches—which you can find over at Prepare Like A Pro—are usually employed by sports clubs or organizations. Their job is to create training and development programs for the athletes they work with. Whether it’s AFLW strength & conditioning, AFLW fitness training, or an AFLW running program, Athlete Development Coaches have a wealth of knowledge and experience to help athletes improve.

So, what role do Athlete Development Coaches play in the development of AFLW players? Let’s take a look.

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The Roles of an Athlete Development Coach

Athlete Development Coaches have several roles and responsibilities. Let’s discuss what these are:

1) Help Players Improve Their Performance

Athlete development coaches play an important role in helping athletes improve their ability to perform on game day. They can identify areas where athletes need improvement through comprehensive evaluation and analysis. They then develop specific training programs that target these areas, using a variety of drills and exercises. In addition, athlete development coaches provide ongoing feedback and support to help athletes stay on track. Working closely with AFLW players can help them reach their full potential. As a result, athlete development coaches play a vital role in the success of any AFLW team.

2) Create Training and Development Programs for the Athletes They Work With

Athlete development coaches play an important role in helping athletes reach their full potential. They create training and development programs tailored to each athlete’s unique needs. In addition, they work with athletes to help them overcome obstacles and reach their goals. Athlete development coaches also have a deep understanding of the science of human performance. They use this knowledge to create programs designed to help athletes improve different AFLW fitness components like strength, power, and endurance. As a result, athlete development coaches play a key role in the success of an AFLW player.

3) Assist With The Design and Implementation of Applied Strength and Conditioning Programs for AFLW Players

Athlete development coaches are an essential part of the training and conditioning programs for athletes in any sport. These professionals work closely with athletes to assist them in achieving their performance goals by developing tailored training programs that address their specific needs and skill levels. In the case of Australian Football League Women (AFLW), athlete development coaches play a critical role in ensuring that the players have access to top-quality training and conditioning regimes.

At the heart of an effective AFLW athlete development coach is a strong understanding of athletic development principles, as well as stellar communication skills and expertise in assessing individual athletic abilities. These professionals collaborate closely with other members of the coaching staff, including strength coaches, nutrition specialists, sports psychologists, physiotherapists, and more. Together, they design and implement comprehensive programs that help AFLW players build strength, power, endurance, speed, agility, balance, coordination, and stamina.

As an elite professional football league focused on women’s sports, AFLW athletes must receive high-quality training that maximizes their potential both on and off the field. Athlete development coaches are key players in helping achieve this goal by providing targeted support to each player throughout her career. Whether you aspire to become an AFLW athlete or are already a part of the league, working with an experienced and qualified coach can make all the difference in your development as a player.

4) Work Closely With All Members of the Team and Organize, Plan, and Oversee Athletes and Coaches in a Team Environment

Athlete development coaches work to improve the performance of athletes and teams. They collaborate with all members of the team, including athletes, coaches, and support staff. They develop training and practice plans and oversee the execution of those plans. They also monitor the progress of athletes and the team and make adjustments as needed.

In addition, athlete development coaches provide guidance and support to athletes and coaches. They help athletes to develop their skills and abilities and coach them on how to best utilize those skills in AFLW competitions. They also allow coaches to create their strategies and methods for improving performance. By working closely with all team members, athlete development coaches play an essential role in helping athletes and the team reach their full potential.

5) Communicate With Other Members of the Team to Ensure that Everyone is on the Same Page

Athlete development coaches need to be able to communicate with all members of the team effectively. They must be able to convey information clearly and concisely. In addition, they need to be able to listen attentively and understand the perspectives of others.

It is also important for athlete development coaches to be able to build relationships with all members of the team. They need to be able to earn the trust and respect of those they work with. By developing strong relationships, athlete development coaches can create an environment where everyone is working together towards the same goal.

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