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Unlocking Athletic Potential: Lachlan Wilmot’s Journey in AFL Conditioning

In the dynamic world of Australian Rules Football (AFL), strength and conditioning play a pivotal role in shaping elite athletes. One name that stands out in this field is Lachlan Wilmot, a seasoned AFL Strength Conditioning Expert with 17 years of experience. AFL Strength Conditioning Expert Lachlan Wilmot has become a leader in the industry. This blog post delves into his journey, contributions, and insights into AFL strength conditioning.

In this episode of the Prepare Like A Pro Podcast, I am speaking to AFL Strength Conditioning Expert Lachlan Wilmot, a seasoned professional with 17 years in the industry, who is now a leader in the field. In this episode, AFL Strength Conditioning Expert Lachlan Wilmot talks to Jack about the importance of working with the general population for strength and conditioning coaches, his approach to rehabilitating lower back pain, and what gives a team that winning edge.

The Early Years

Lachlan’s journey began not on the field but in the world of general fitness. As a personal trainer, he honed his skills, by working with diverse clients. Little did he know that his path would soon intersect with the intricate world of elite sports.

A Shift Towards AFL

The turning point came when Lachlan started working with athletes in the New South Wales scholarship program, aiming to boost AFL talent from the region. This experience ignited a passion for sports science, leading him to pursue a degree in the field. His commitment to learning and evolving eventually caught the eye of influential mentors.

Mentorship and Growth

John Quinn and David Joyce, notable figures in the industry, became pivotal mentors for Lachlan. Their guidance and influence steered his career to greater heights. With a focus on holistic development, Lachlan embraced challenges, learning the nuances of strength conditioning specific to the demands of AFL.

GWS Giants and Beyond

The GWS Giants marked a significant chapter in Lachlan’s career. Over eight years, he made substantial contributions to the team’s strength and conditioning strategies. His work with players like Razor Kills and innovations in training techniques garnered attention and accolades, establishing him as a leader in the field.

Private Sector Venture

Having conquered the elite realm, Lachlan made a strategic move into the private sector. Co-founding Athletes Authority in Sydney, he embarked on a new journey. The challenges of running a private gym during the tumultuous events of 2020 tested his resilience and leadership skills.

Approach to Conditioning

Lachlan’s approach emphasizes the importance of not shying away from movement patterns that may aggravate pain. Addressing neural back pain and customizing training programs based on individual needs and strengths form the core of his methodology. He believes in making athletes resilient and “bulletproof.”

Looking Ahead

As Lachlan continues to make strides in AFL strength conditioning, his story serves as an inspiration. From humble beginnings to shaping elite athletes, his journey underscores the transformative power of dedication, mentorship, and a holistic approach to sports science.


In the ever-evolving landscape of AFL, Lachlan Wilmot stands as a beacon of expertise and innovation in strength conditioning. His journey from a personal trainer to a leader in elite sports showcases the importance of continuous learning, adaptability, and a passion for empowering athletes.

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