#306 – Yoshiki Sutherland,  AFL Strength & Conditioning Intern at North Melbourne FC

Success in Strength and Conditioning

Maximizing Success: Yoshiki Sutherland’s Strength and Conditioning Journey

In the field of strength and conditioning, transitioning from theory to practice can present challenges. Yoshiki Sutherland, an AFL Strength & Conditioning Intern at North Melbourne FC, shares insights into his Strength and Conditioning Success Journey experiences and the key factors contributing to his Strength and Conditioning Success Journey success.

Key topic:  Strategies for Success: AFL Strength & Conditioning Intern Yoshiki Sutherland Reveals how he landed an internship in program sport.

In this episode, we sit down with Yoshiki Sutherland, a developing coach in the field of strength and conditioning, currently interning with the esteemed North Melbourne Football Club. Join us as Yoshiki shares his journey, insights, and strategies for breaking into the competitive world of professional sports.

Highlights from the episode:

  • Surprises he found in his first job compared to what he learned from uni
  • Insights into the application process and the qualities that set him apart.
  • Yoshiki shares his path to landing an internship with North Melbourne FC
  • Yoshiki’s approach to continuous learning and professional development.
  • How does he balance hands-on experience with academic knowledge?

Transitioning from Theory to Practice

Yoshiki faced challenges transitioning from academic learning to practical application. In the classroom, the environment is controlled, and students understand the basics. However, working with local sports teams requires adaptability and effective communication skills to teach athletes various movements, sets, reps, and recovery strategies.

Keys to Landing the Internship

Reflecting on what set him apart in securing the internship, Yoshiki emphasizes initiative, communication, and relevant experience. His problem-solving mindset and focus on solutions were crucial elements highlighted in his cover letter, which played a key role in the selection process.

Navigating the Internship Process

The internship process involved submitting a comprehensive resume and a well-crafted cover letter. This was followed by a Zoom interview with the manager at North Melbourne FC, assessing Yoshiki’s communication skills and passion for the field. His journey underscores the importance of preparation and understanding the organization’s goals and expectations.

Balancing Commitments and Pursuing Opportunities

Despite a busy schedule, including his sports science degree and community sport involvement, Yoshiki took on the internship at North Melbourne FC. He recognized the value of gaining practical experience early in his career, enhancing his skills and marketability in strength and conditioning.

Strategies for Managing a Busy Schedule

To cope with a hectic schedule, Yoshiki relies on strategic planning and prioritization. He recommends creating monthly schedules, utilizing tools like Google Calendar, and maintaining a clear focus on tasks. By prioritizing effectively, Yoshiki maximizes productivity in both academic and professional pursuits.

People mentioned:

  • John Leyden
  • Kieran Lester
  • Dylan Vizzarri
  • Daniel Cross
  • Kevin White

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