Prior to this role, he worked for Hawthorn FC, Port Adelaide, Western Bulldogs, St.Kilda, Cricket Aus, and Olympic individuals/teams. Matt is an experienced Psychologist with an extensive history of working in the sports industry with individuals, teams, and organizations. He is skilled in Sports Psychology, Mental Health and Wellbeing, Sports Management, Coaching, and Performance Psychology. He has a strong community and social services professional with a Ph.D., Master’s degree, and Certificate of Practice in Clinical Neuropsychotherapy focused in Neuropsychotherapy from Medicos.

Topics we discussed:

  • People who influenced him early in his career
  • Things footballers need to start practicing for their mental health
  • Biggest challenges in his career
  • Advice for dealing with trauma and self-care
  • Highlights of his career
  • Fave movie or tv series that impacted him

People mentioned:

  • Phil Hughes
  • David Williams
  • Lisa Stevens
  • Travis Boak
  • John Mccarthy
  • Hannah Davis
  • Shaun Burgoyne
  • Mark Anderson

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