Prior to creating BFT, Cam worked as the rehabilitation coordinator at Geelong Cats, Physical Performance Manager at Western Bulldogs, and High-Performance Manager at Port Adelaide FC.

Topics we discussed:

  • When he started his passion for fitness
  • His focus points on his rehabilitation
  • His challenges and what he learned
  • How he started Body Fit Training 
  • Fave inspirational quote 

People mentioned:

  • Paul Chek
  • Andrew Russell
  • Garry Ablett
  • Andrew Rondinelli
  • Scott Patterson
  • James Merideth
  • Joel Mullen
  • Bohdan Babijczuk
  • Loris Bertolacci
  • Luke Meehan
  • Kevin Ball
  • Robert Aughey
  • Andrew Demetriou
  • Neale Daniher 
  • Rodney Eade
  • Matthew Thomas
  • Daniel Stewart
  • Matt Thomas

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Body Fit Training:

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