Prior to Adelaide FC Tim has worked at a large range of elite sporting teams such as Arsenal, Port Adelaide, and GWS Giants.

Topics we discussed:

  • His biggest challenges and what he learned
  • How he upskills himself
  • What he notes down on athletes during the rehab process
  • Do you have to lie to change an athlete’s mentality
  • How often athletes stick to the rehab plan 100% 
  • His pet peeves in work/life

People mentioned:

  • Scott Smith
  • Jack Hombsch
  • Mark Williams
  • John Quinn
  • Darren Burgess
  • Mark Fisher
  • Ian Mckeown
  • Kevin Sheedy
  • Stuart Graham
  • Chris Morgan
  • Tom Allen
  • Sam Wilson
  • Lachlan Wilmot
  • Nick Walsh
  • Arsene Wenger
  • Unai Emery
  • Travis Boak
  • Chad Cornes
  • Phill Davis
  • Petr Cech

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