Josh Growden was drafted by the GWS GIANTS. However, a broken leg and two hip operations cut his career short. With a fresh outlook on life, he decided to take up punting with Prokick Australia. Here he earned a scholarship to one of the biggest football colleges in the United States – LSU.

Topics we discussed:

  • Influencers in his junior ranks
  • Difference in the US and Aussie footy preparation
  • His favorite types of kicks for developing footballers
  • How he created The Kicking Consultant
  • Tips for kicking on wet weather
  • Common mistakes on kicking

People mentioned:

  • John Quinn
  • Tim Parham
  • Mark Williams
  • Dylan Shiel
  • Adam Treloar
  • Jeremy Cameron
  • Allan Mconnell
  • Phill Davis
  • Tom Scully
  • Luke Power
  • Trent Mckenzie
  • Chad Cornes
  • Kevin Ball
  • Nathan Chapman

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The Kicking Consultant:

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