Educating and developing players, coaches, and parents across Australia, Tim Schmidtโ€™s primary focus is kicking, but also teaches all fundamental skills of Australian Rules Football.

Topics we discussed:

  • 00:00 How to hone your kicking skills
  • 01:11 Program for kids/player with coordination disorder
  • 02:44 Using games approach for teaching kids kicking fundamentals
  • 03:54 Advice to player rejoining AFL or an academy who has improved his muscle mass and skills
  • 05:18 How to get power without wheeling around to the side
  • 06:28 How to contact Kicking Dynamics

People mentioned:

  • Neil Craig
  • Steven Doyle
  • Callum Mills
  • Tadhg Kennelly
  • Josh Willoughby
  • Brett Kirk
  • Adam Goodes
  • Jude Bolton
  • Nic Fosdike
  • Nathan Buckley
  • Paul Roos
  • Michael Jordan
  • Bruce Lee
  • Chris Schmidt

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Tim Schmidt:

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