Emily Meehan is the Senior Sports Dietitian of the Collingwood FC. She is also Collingwood AFLW and Magpies netball and consults to the Malaysian Track cycling team (currently in Tokyo).

Prior to the Pies, Emily worked with the Western Bulldogs FC and Melbourne Victory and completed her Ph.D. on nutrition and high-performance sport. Emily is also the vice-chair of the AFL Sports Dietitians Australia group.


  • 00:00  Emily’s advice to her past self when she was starting as a dietician
  • 00:41  Her advice to newly hired dieticians on how to educate a club or team
  • 01:28  Her strategies when working with elite athletes 
  • 02:36  Emily’s approach to developing athletes who want to bulk up
  • 03:35  Ideal snacks for athletes who are on the go
  • 04:42  How she helps in improving an athlete’s nutrition

Connect with Emily: https://www.instagram.com/emmeehan_sportsdietitian/

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