Switta has had a strong impact since getting drafted as a mature age player. Sam has played over 30 games of AFL football all while managing some serious injury setbacks. Prior to Freo, Switta was a dominant forward in the VFL and was drafted from the Boxhill Hawks.


00:00 Sam shares on how to improve your confidence as a footy player
00:54 People who influenced Sam’s footy career
01:44 Things Sam wished he knew when he was starting his career
02:39 Things Sam do mentally to improve his performance
03:38 What Sam’s day-to-day pre-season looks like and what he focuses on
04:45 How Freo helps him mentally and their advice on how to prepare for life after footy

People mentioned:

  • David Mirra
  • Ed Curnow
  • Matt Deboer
  • Sam Illes
  • Sam Gibson
  • Sam Collins
  • David Mundy
  • Marcos Bellos
  • Chris Newman
  • Sean Murphy

Connect with Sam: https://www.instagram.com/sam_switkowski/

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