Jess Spendlove is the Dietitian Consultant of the GWS Giants FC for the last 8 seasons. Across the last 9 years Jess has also worked with Giants Netball, Giants AFLW, Western Sydney Wanderers, Sydney Kings, Cronulla Sharks, and NSW Waratahs, totaling more than 30 seasons in professional sport. Jess has a master’s of nutrition/dietetics and bachelor of science (nutrition) and is the co-founder of nutrition consultancy business Health and Performance Collective which is all about working with motivated people to help them live and perform at their best.


  • Jess explains about periodizing your nutrition
  • How to use caffeine for the long season and how much to take
  • How Jess upskills herself and hone her craft
  • The best way to bulk up for critical mass for developing athletes
  • Advice for athletes using supplements
  • Difference in nutrition advice for male and female AFL players

People mentioned:

  • Brett Deledio
  • David Joyce
  • John Quinn
  • Lachlan Wilmot
  • Simon Harries
  • Nick Poulos
  • Helen o’connor
  • Wayne Campbell
  • Josh Kelly
  • Adam Teloar
  • Jeremy Cameron

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