Dean has worked at the pies for the last 9 years in a. range of different roles from VFL high performance manager to assisting the strength & conditioning program. Prior to working at Collingwood he completed his masters degree and worked across a number of Nab League football teams.


  • Dean shares about getting his degree and how he started in VFL
  • How he supported himself after high school to go to uni
  • The importance of building connections and hands-on experience for S&C coaches
  • Things a developing S&C need to stick long in the system and get fulltime role
  • How Dean plans his program for the next year/season
  • How to build trust to athletes undergoing rehab

People mentioned:

  • Stuart Cormack
  • Steven Lester
  • Luke addy
  • Jack Kelly
  • Dan Pfaff
  • Kevin White
  • David Opar
  • Ryan Timmins
  • David Butterfield

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