Today on the Prepare Like a Pro podcast show we have Stefan Mauk. Stefan is the Founder of the inner game journal. After a decorated junior football career as a National Australian representative and AIS scholarship holder, Stefan signed his first pro contract in the A-League at 16 years of age. After winning a Championship with Adelaide United in 2015/16, Stefan signed a 3-year contract to play in Europe. Since returning to Australia, he has played for the Brisbane Roar & currently Adelaide United. His journal is something he is clearly passionate about and after testing many different methods on himself he is now helping athletes all over the world work on his creation of the inner game journal.

People mentioned:

  • Tim Schleiger
  • Christian Petracca
  • Travis Boak


  • Show intro
  • Intro about Stefan Mauk
  • How his German father influenced him to play soccer
  • He shares his experience getting his first contract at a young age
  • How he incorporates new routines and how he measures it
  • Mentors who shaped his soccer career
  • What his off season program looks like
  • Why he founded Inner Game Journals
  • The 3 areas he focuses on training
  • Where we can reach Inner Game Journals

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Inner game Journal:

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