In Episode 49 of the Prepare Like A Pro Podcast, I am speaking with Peter Brukner AFL Sports Doctor for the Melbourne FC.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Peter sport medicine journey from start to now
  • His learnings from working in the English Premier League
  • Peter philosophy on nutrition and discusses his new app aiming to reduce diabetes
  • The importance of having experience at all levels Peter explains his passion for community based sport and how important it is for sports doc to get experience
  • Shares his love for team sport such as Melbourne university fc, Melbourne fc, Liverpool, Socceroos, and stories about his experience working with individual Olympic athletes
  • The importance of being able to manage serious head injuries like concussion and head blows
  • The importance of building resilient athletes and why the sports medicine industry has been shifting away from the fix it approach with operations and medications and more towards exercise prescription and lifestyle
  • Pete shares his advice for developing footballers and physios’/sports doctors

People mentioned:

  • Tim Noakes
  • Paul Roos
  • Rob Granter
  • Darren Burgess
  • David warner
  • Usain Bolt
  • Cathy Freeman
  • Phill Cole
  • Joe Cole
  • John Moors

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