Episode 44 of the Prepare Like A Pro Podcast I am speaking with Harry Sharp, Midfielder for the Brisbane Lions. Recruited from Greater Western Victoria Rebels. Harry is an elite aerobic runner and broke into the Lions team round 1 for his debut. 

We discussed with Josh his love for the game and when his drive to be an AFL footballer began at the age of 13. Harry provided insight into his approach to prepare himself for AFL football.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Harry’s football journey from start to now.
  • His workouts & preparation for the combine where he recorded the fastest 2km time trial.
  • The challenge of completing year 12 while on an AFL list. 
  • The importance of having training buddies in the off season.

People mentioned:

  • Zav Maher
  • Steve Lester
  • Josh Rachele 
  • Barry Rawlings 
  • Jarrod Berry
  • Sam Berry
  • Hugh McCluggage

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