Episode 43 of the Prepare Like A Pro Podcast I am speaking with Anthony Scott, forward for the Western Bulldogs. Recruited from Western bulldogs VFL team. Anthony is a hard running crafty forward, mature age forward selected at the age of 25 years and has seamlessly slotted into the doggy’s team. We discussed with Anthony his love for the game and when his drive to be an AFL footballer began at the age of 13. Mentors along his journey from his Daniel Giansiacusa to peers at the Western Bulldogs. Josh provided insight into his approach to prepare himself for AFL football. The importance of using his off-season to trial different training or lifestyle methods, such nutrition & work in the gym.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Anthony’s football journey from start to now.
  • His learnings from not getting drafted in his draft year and playing local VAFA football.
  • How he managed his injuries and what he has learnt along the way regarding body management.
  • How he managed the challenge’s 2020 COVID season brought.
  • How growing up with AFL draft prospects and listed players helped his athletic development as he joined in their training.
  • How coaches with positive energy and reinforce the importance of bringing your strengths has helped his development.
  • What has worked and what has and hasn’t throughout his career.
  • How he values life balance and tips and tricks for young developing footballers.

People mentioned:

  • Daniel Giansiacusa
  • Luke Beveridge
  • Jack Billings
  • Luke Mcdonald
  • Hugh Beasley
  • Adam Tomlinson
  • Dom Tyson
  • Hugh Tyson
  • Alistair Faye
  • Mitch Hannan
  • Sam Power
  • Jamie Mattocks

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